Ghost Stories Live Commentary With Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson – FrightFest 2018

One of the perks of attending FrightFest is hearing film makers talk about their creative process.

Whether you’re an aspiring director, or just a fan who wants to delve deeper into the details, the festival gives horror aficionados a chance to gleam inspiration from those that have finished a film.

That said, film commentaries are an art. Speakers must balance detail with an infectious enthusiasm.

The audience was in good company then with Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson’s Live Commentary of Ghost Stories. A wet Sunday afternoon and the intimate setting of The Prince Charles’ upstairs screen was the perfect setting.

Most people in the audience had seen Ghost Stories and many more than once.

I hadn’t seen the play but my take on the film was that it served as a great reminder of what makes British filmmaking and production great.

An engaging talk, here were some of the highlights from the commentary:

Using a Colour Map: The progression of the film runs alongside a colour wheel. Scenes were thumbnailed with colour progression beforehand so the viewer would have a visual journey beginning with warming life-affirming reds to colder clinical colours for the finale.

Contemporary Gothic: The work of artist George Shaw was an inspiration for the look of the film. Presenting an out of season seaside and maintaining a quintessential Britishness about things was something that made the film look unique.

Know What’s In Your Head: Underpinning all creative decisions was a knowing sense of what the filmmakers knew they wanted to communicate beforehand. Trust your gut rather than your nut.

Taking notes: Keeping true to a vision while remaining open-minded when it came to receiving notes on the film helped unlock problems. A key lesson here was balancing pride with what would actually service the story.

Staying True:  The most insightful part talked about how they had to turn down offers of working with big US studios and even a big indie one to ensure they maintained their vision. Making choices because they are right creatively, even at the expense of short term rewards, is easier said then done and the guys deserve kudos for sticking to their guns.

Sooty & Sweep: Fun fact: the insert shot of Sooty and Sweep in the second segment got laughs the world over and not just in the UK.

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