Leamington Spa Comic Con 2017

Pictures of the some of the fine folk who turned up and bought copies of London Horror Comic at Leamington Spa Comic Con 2017.

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Why you should visit Leamington Spa Comic Con

I knew I’d made the right choice to exhibit at Leamington Spa Comic Con was when I was presented with a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea upon arrival.

This was the bacon sandwich and tea that changed everything for me.

Its proof of how you know you’ll be in safe hands when you (and if not, you should) attend LSCC later this month.

Let me expand.

If you’re a punter at a comic con you’re probably unaware of the utter ball ache it is as an exhibitor it is to drive, set up, sell and haul your wares back down the M25 in the same day (or God forbid, over the course of three days).

Exhibitors are a proud, plucky and nervous lot in much the same way that Batman’s foes are a cowardly and superstitious lot.

We’ve been up hours before the doors are open to the public and once the starting gun is fired we just want to make that first sale to justify our faith in our work but more importantly in our choice of the event.

It’s an organiser’s market these days.

The demand for table spaces typically outstrips supply and exhibitor curation (where exhibitors make choices about who they let exhibit before accepting money for tables) is now commonplace.

In short, there are thankless hurdles we have to undergo as exhibitors just to present our works to you on the off-chance it’s something that strikes your fancy.

But back to that bacon sandwich and cup of tea.

See, when I arrived at the first LSCC, in addition to being welcomed and shown to my table, organiser Dan Mallier had actually focused on providing a momentary comfort to all exhibitors who had chosen to attend and made the effort.

This isn’t the norm, I’d like to point out, but it does illustrate a number of things.

It illustrates caring for the people that make your event.
It illustrates attention to detail. It makes for a better experience (it was a pretty tasty bacon sandwich).
And it illustrates a desire and a want for all people – not just the punters – to have a good time.

Curating what can only be described as a good vibe between exhibitor and punter is what being an organiser is all about and yet is something overlooked by many larger and better financed conventions.

Done right, it makes an event memorable, enjoyable and provides a reason for exhibitors to return.

This is the third Leamington Spa I’m returning for and each time I’ve enjoyed healthy sales and great conversations with folks.

The event has also won an award and more importantly provides access to creators and work at a local level for the community.

If the above has piqued your interest then make the journey and see what the fuss is all about.

There are just two weeks left to get your #LCC2017 tickets! BOOK TODAY to avoid missing out: https://www.spatowncomics.co.uk/leam-comic-con

Were you at LSCC 2015? Check out some of the pics from the event here.

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