Stage Fright (2014) Review Film 4 FrightFest 2014 – Day 4

It’s a brave thing to produce a teen-slasher flick when so many have been done. It’s even braver to do a teen-slasher flick that’s also musical, but that’s what Stage Fright does.

It’s an example of how interesting the results can be when you turn the dials on one of the parameters of a genre or trope and this above anything made Stage Fright an interesting watch.

The test of a movie mash-up however must be a subtractive one: the horror has to work without the music and indeed the music must work without the horror.

Stage Fright exists in a murky intersection of the two. If you remove the musical aspect you essentially have the plot of Scream 3 beat-for-beat. The musical numbers at the beginning of the film are quite fun, but by the time you’re in the middle of the film, it just slows the overall pace down. The end of the movie drops the musical aspect altogether.

Stage Fright is an interesting experiment but never quite succeeds as an-all out laugh riot musical nor as an effective horror film.

Stage Fright

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