Alleluia (2014) Review Film4 FrightFest 2014 – Day 5

Alleluia is a great story about a woman who needs to be loved and a man who needs to be loved by more than one woman.

The film from director Fabrice Du Welz charts the sexual and financial co-dependency that brings Gloria (Lola Duenas) and Michel (Laurent Lucas) together and eventually causes the couple to go on a murder-for-profit spree of lonely rich women.

Gloria’s jealousy mounts as Michel is required to woo female suitors and more so as he increasingly seems to enjoy his role.

The film takes its time setting up the characters and always underscores their motivations with a terrible foreboding. When the first murder occurs, it’s a genuinely shocking moment and from there on in the undercurrent of Gloria’s child-like need for a father figure coupled with Michel’s need to seduce other women makes for compelling viewing.

A festival highlight for me and a film which underscores the inherent dangers of passionate and co-dependent relationships.


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