The Babadook (2014) Review Film 4 FrightFest Day 3

The Babadook is hands-down the best film at the FrightFest 2014 festival.

While that might be a bold proclamation to make at the halfway stage of the festival, it’s going to be hard finding a film that brings a genuinely new story with depth and complexity to the big screen.

The film is about a single mother, widowed, trying to meet ends meet while coping with struggles of bringing up a son on her own.

As areas of her work, family and personal life fall under siege, things take a turn for the even worse as an apparent supernatural creature invades her home and comes after her child.

I’m not going to say too much more about the plot as it would spoil part of the tension the film relies on – that said there’s no dopey big twist, which the film relies on.

The Babadook is a film that exemplifies what horror does best: dealing with repressed thoughts and feelings in an imaginative and compelling way and out in the open.

Like “The Orphanage” (2007) it also delivers punchy effective scares and jumps that will send you through the ceiling as well as leave you thinking long after the credits have rolled.


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