Faults (2014) Review Film 4 FrightFest Day 4

Like the film ‘The Last Exorcism’, Faults presents a familiar set-up of a once professional life-coach turned z-list hustler who’s given a shot at redemption, but more importantly, making a quick buck.

Called in to de-programme the daughter who was taken in by a cult by her parents, the film follows his efforts in a motel room with her over five days, although questions arise about who is actually being de-programmed.

The film tries to achieve the same vibe as “The Wicker Man” or “Kill List” by guiding the audience through a world of apparent normalcy to one where these conditions become inflected, but doesn’t quite achieve it.

The problem with this film is one of structure. Three-quarters through, the narrative in Faults makes a sudden jump into the abnormal; the way the characters behave and their motivations turn a complete 180 in a way that is purely meant to service the plot and lead to an ending you can see coming a mile off.

Had Faults followed a slower drip-drip-drip approach I could have seen it being genuinely creepy. The performances are great though and it’s thanks to the actors at least that you keep watching.

Much like Starry Eyes and The Guest from this weekend, the idea is interesting, but a predictable structure coupled with shifting tones and motivations leaves hampers any lasting emotional effect.

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