Locke – movie review

Locke combines the best elements of filmmaking; visually, the inherently cinematic experience of driving at night, and a man operating in a confined space, which necessarily requires solid performances to sustain the film.

The film follows Tom Hardy’s character as he rushes to the birth of his illegitimate child while trying to keep the other pillars of his life – his wife, family and job – from collapsing as the truth emerges.

The inherent challenges a story like this presents is finding ways to maintain interest by presenting genuine obstacles and not making them appear forced. Locke’s interactions with his deputy Donald, played richly by Sherlock’s Andrew Scott, steal the show with laugh out loud moments that help relieve the tension. Hardy’s calls with his mother to be, voices by Peep Show’s Olivia Colman, reveal more about Hardy’s mind than it does about resolving the birth plot point.

The least interesting and forced scenes happen between Locke and his family and his manager as they provide predictable responses which shed few insights.

Similar in many ways to Ryan Reynold’s film Buried, Locke proves an interesting character study more than it focuses on resolving plot points and is all the better for it.

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