London Horror Comic 6 Review: ComicMonsters


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Review of London Horror Comic 6

You should really be following author David Southwell on twitter.

London Horror Comic 6 Review

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London Horror Comic 6 – Bite Review

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London Horror Comic 6 now available at Orbital Comics

8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7JA
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Horror Channel Review of London Horror Comic 6

“…gruesome stories with vast intelligence and raw brutality.”


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Getting the job done…

London Horror Comic ain’t Lovecraft, but it gets the job done…



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The Morning After The Print Run Before….

The end of the creative process is always getting your work into people’s hands.

Taking books to the post office and shipping ’em is, weirdly, a very satisfying part; you know the books are on their way to fulfil their purpose.

Inspiration for the stories come from the real world, and once that inspiration has been packaged in some form, through craft and technique, that it’s ready to be sent back into the world from where it came to provoke a response.

There’s a school of thought that says provoking a response in art is an ugly or cheap thing to do.

However, the best stories, like the best jokes, do exactly that.

There are comics that forget they are speaking to a living breathing person with thoughts and emotions.

Indeed, there are comics out there that seem to get wrapped up in their own worlds that they almost never touch the realm of humanity.

Small-press comics are better than mainstream comics for the simple reason that highly personalized points-of-view are served up with universal truths that are often unaired.

When I attend cons, the most satisfying comments come from the customers who have just walked off the street and discovered the book.

When their comments going along the lines of: “That was actually quite good,” you know the book has connected.


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London Horror Comic 6 OUT NOW


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