A Good Sleep – Getting London Horror Comic 6 to Press

London Horror Comic 6 was sent to the printers this week and as a result I managed to have one of my best night’s sleeps of the year.

A sound sleep is a great reward and comes when you have expended all your energies into making something happen that you believe in.

Making things or making things happen is different from talking about them, having meetings about them or writing a plan about you’re going to do and is a rarity in most modern jobs.

Perhaps that’s why a restless sleep comes to those who don’t do. The anxiety of not delivering coupled with the passing of each day would drive me insane.

In a good sleep, the body doesn’t feel tired or wretched in a way that might come with working long hours on something you don’t enjoy but have to do anyway.

Rather, when you work on something that means something to you, the body feels well used. The body’s state approximates what I imagine would be a blissful state of death.

Digressing into the realms of spiritualism, you feel as if you’re doing the will of the universe, rather than what those around you expect you to do.

Assured calm, certainty and validation of what you set out to do having been done makes for a better nightcap than Night Nurse syrup.

Other times I sleep well are usually during when I’m done wrapping up a day exhibiting at a comic convention. The toll of travelling, lugging boxes and talking is all massaged out at the end of a twelve-hour day by a deep sleep of knowing I’ve done what I set out to do.

Of course, getting the book to the printers is by no means the end of the process. The real work of pimping issue 6 will begin over the next few weeks, conventions will be booked, stores approached and more.

Knowing that there’s even more work ahead doesn’t deter me though.

It just means I have more chances to expend my energies and earn those well-deserved sleeps.

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