Morning after the week before

Despite the snow and all, people have started cracking the covers of London Horror Comic 5, which is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

A couple of nice emails came in this week about the book that put a spring in my step. Getting a response from an audience is one of the main reasons people self-publish.

Producing a comic is a weird process and one that only comes to an end when the book enters the hands of a reader. Of course as a self-publisher, you’re always putting the book in the hands of readers; online, at conventions, through the post and shops, so the process never really ends until you sell through that last copy.

Producing a comic is weird because you live with the material (the scripts, the thumbnails, the inks and the colours) for a long time, that by the time the printed copies come back, you’re already working on the next idea in tandem with having to sell your latest issue. A bit like having to dress your kid for school while trying to work on a sibling with the wife (you can guess where the enthusiasm lies).

It’s not an anti-climax receiving the final printed version because, as a self-publisher, that’s when the work of distribution begins. One more, often continuous process that you have to undergo to get the book out there. The arrival of printed books on your doorstep is the green-light signal that says you can now start the marathon that is selling.

When you’re doing it all yourself, you’ve got to enjoy it all.

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