Pascal Laugier on The Tall Man at FrightFest All-Nighter

Writer-director Pascal Laugier speaks after the UK premiere of his film, The Tall Man, at the FrightFest All-Nighter London 2012.

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FrightFest All-Nighter 2012 Mini Movie Round Up

Just got in from the FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter and thought I’d do a quick round up of the films that played out.

Excision – This was the most interesting film of the night in that it was visually striking and distinctive while delivering a story that was unique. A high-school student with disturbing dreams about medical operations and sex copes with an oppressive and demanding mother and the pressures of being a teenager. Rather than being a story with a straight beginning, middle and end, the film is a collection of scenes which show the lead character’s increasingly bizarre behaviour in response to her environment. AnnaLynne McCord plays creepy and convincing with a capital “C” and holds the movie up. The ending is one of the scariest of the night and will require a second viewing to see how you didn’t see it coming.

GallowWalkers – This western-meets-zombie epic staring Wesley Snipes sounds like a good idea on paper. A gunman whose victims are cursed to return from the dead has to find a way of stopping them and dealing with the big bad. The film is beautifully shot to give the viewer the feel of a wide expanse, high-tension and slow burn set-ups. However, wooden acting and lines of dialogue that fall to the floor like lead weights don’t help you suspend your disbelief, and phoney cardboard characters who only exist to further the plot fail to draw you in.
The Tall Man – Writer-director Pascal Laugier of Martyrs fame returns to the screen with his folklore tale of a small town where kids go missing. The film begins as your standard thriller with Jessica Biel in pursuit of the film’s lead character. When a 180 degree twist is delivered halfway through the film, it stops being a thriller and more a Ken Loach kind of social commentary. While the film deserves credit for being this brave in its approach the twist itself doesn’t quite work. The conclusion at the end of the film hasn’t been teed up elsewhere earlier in the film. You’re set up for one kind of film but paid off in quite another and that lessens its impact.

Bait 3D: A shark invades Tesco supermarket after its flooded by a tsunami. Strangely the most cohesive film of the night.

The Helpers: No, just don’t.

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London Horror Comic @ Comica Comiket Fall 2012, London

As if I wasn’t busy enough already with ushering the next issue of London Horror Comic into the world, I’ve gone and booked a table at the awesome Comica Comiket Fall 2012.

I’ll be on hand selling copies of London Horror Comic at the Great Hall of the Bishopsgate Institute on the 10th November from 11am to 6pm.

Come along and say hello if you’re in town!

Comica Comiket Fall 2012, London:
10th November 2012
Comica Comiket Fall 2012

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