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The second story of issue five was completed last week and is now in the hands of the penciller.

The shape of issue five is now forming; the tone, the balance between comedy and horror. The next stories I write will be a matter of pulling the right levers so that the balance is maintained.

I got an email this week from a reader who asked why i went down the short story route:

Went down the short story route for several reasons: hard to find good quick reads these days. Time poor myself so wanted to create something a reader could start and end in one sitting. Doing shorts is handy when you’re publishing on a long publishing cycle as people don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next. Doing multiple stories allows you to vary your tone. I’ve read horror anthologies that are so bleak it’s like listening to a one-note album. Mixing chuckles with chills keeps it interesting for me and hopefully the reader. The challenge with short stories is keeping only essential information in, but balancing that out with the effect you want to have on the reader: too little and the reader is confused or doesn’t care, too much and they’re bored.

Ideas come from a mixture of fusing personal experiences (I’ve never fought a vampire, but I have fallen out with a best mate) and just really fusing that with whatever I think would make it colorful (throw in a werewolf and see how that complicates things).

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Super-early sneak peek: London Horror Comic #5

The script for the first story of issue 5 is being drawn and as of forty minutes ago I’ve just finished the second story. All going at full steam here. Not enough hours in the day or night.

Here’s a super-early sneaky peek from Issue 5:

London Horor Commic 5

Sneak peek at London Horror Comic 5

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London Horror Comic Interview on g3 podcast

Interview with me at Mcm expo. I chime in at 6.24

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Review: The plague of the zombies and the reptile

I wrote about the beautiful Blu-ray release of Dracula Prince of Darkness as well as the old Vic screening of Dracula with additional footage back in February.

In short: Blu-ray enhances the grandeur of hammer productions. The colors are bolder, the costumes more vivid and the sets more lush. All this on top of some damn fine acting, legendary monsters and charming extras of recollections by the stars.

Zombies and Reptile get the update treatment this time.

Film-wise, zombies is closer to Sherlock Holmes versus Dracula done in a Hammer style. It’s science versus the use of black magic against the backdrop of zombies being used as slaves in a mine. While the idea is original the execution lacks the pace and urgency of a Terrance Fisher directed hammer.

Reptile is much the same but with an original monster falling prey to what feels like an overly drawn-out plot.

That said, these are films that took risks by being quirky with their plots and not relying on universal’s stable of monsters. These are monsters set against a back drop that is very English and for that they deserve a second look by horror fans.

The plague of the zombies and the reptile are out to buy on June 18th on Blu-ray.

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