The Creative Process

As I’ve now begun writing the next issue I thought it might be handy (at least for the curious, anyway) to give an insight into my creative process.

I’ll post these little creative bites up as they come along. Here’s the first:

By the time I’m ready to write the next issue, a good few months would have passed since the publication of the last one. This is vital as it gives me the chance to look at the work (somewhat) objectively.

Making comics requires a heap of passion which usually can spill over into a necessary arrogance (why would you make a comic if you weren’t under the delusion you could do better than what’s out there).

I find that if I leave a bit of time between publishing an issue and appraising it, I tend to see things without the rose-tinted vision of a proud creator.

Because I’m my own editor, I have to be doubly ruthless when it comes to critiquing my material. Obvious things to look for are recurring themes in the work, making the same point or the same joke–the creative mind is very sneaky as it’ll slip things under the radar that you think are new but in fact variants of something you’ve done before. Beware!

This all leads to the question: what haven’t I done as yet?

Don’t be afraid to ask this question as very often it can lead to some interesting answers that could be the perfect springboard into your next story.

At the same time, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to write a certain type of story. You’ll always write a better story if it’s something you yourself enjoy. If a story doesn’t make you laugh, or cry or think or whatever, why should it make anyone else?

Next, make sure you stay current. Keep up with the scene, not so as to emulate it but rather to prevent duplicating what’s already been published. Thoughtclouds do exist and be sure that if you have an idea, someone on the other side of the world may be already into page seven of its transcription.

Next, begin fleshing out an idea. Don’t at this stage dive into writing your 27-issue mini series, rather just play around with the idea. Is there a cool shot you could start with or a nifty piece of dialogue that could occur halfway in? Tease fruits from the idea and see how much juice it has. If you find the idea lending itself to one or more interesting ends then keep cooking and see how far it takes you.

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