While I was sleeping

Lots to get through, so here’s the low-down:

While it’s poor form to have my last and first post about the same subject, in this case, it’s unavoidable.

Hiding in Tunnels
I’m off to the Old Vic Tunnels to catch the special screening of Dracula tomorrow. As an added bonus there’s some recently discovered footage that was nixed for being too racy by the BBFC back when the film was first released in the UK. By current standards, that probably means someone was showing a bit too much ankle. Anyway, unseen footage is unseen footage and I’m all the hell in.

Hooked on FrankenHooker
FrankenHooker Blu Ray: This has got to have been one of the best releases I’ve seen yet on BR. South-Park style humour combined with 80’s horror and bawdy colours that pop off the screen like 3D breakdancers. Seriously, if you’re in the mood for that Return of the Living Dead vibe you will not regret this gem.

It’s a Welsh Thing
Cardiff: First comic convention of the year will be under way and I’ll be making sure I carry enough antifreeze in case sinister jack frost tries to stop me reaching the Valleys. Is Cardiff in the Valleys? God knows. But, first time in Wales land, so looking forward to it.


Yes, yes, it’s a sell, I know. But just to point out that copies of London Horror Comic are in fact available from Gosh Comics, Orbital and Forbidden Planet, so, you know, if you’re doing your local comics run look out for ’em in the independent /small press section.

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