A bit on the writing process

Being a self-publisher means you have to do everything yourself.

I don’t mean that in a “woe is me” way, rather it is a statement of fact that when you self-publish you have to do everything from the writing right through to the selling.

With London Horror Comic 4 soft-launched and before the convention circuit begins in full swing, I begin process of idea generation.

This is the beginning of the writing process for me and where I note down every idea, every snatch of overhead conversation and description with the hope of some or all these elements leading to a story.

I collect all these observations into a little notebook which I make regular logs in. Then, once the notebook is full, I go back through it, sifting for gold in and among the inevitable and easy clichés that prevent themselves.

When I’m collecting, I don’t self censor. And if I don’t happen to be sitting next to anyone interesting on the train, I just live record what’s around me. A cracked window, a lost glove and a dropped business card could be sings of an invisible monster eating people on the underground. On the other hand, it could be the clues in a noir detective story. How best to make them fit?

You see, stories really can come from anywhere. You just got to keep your eyes open and your notebook close to you.

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