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Blu-ray is a format that’s been around a while now, but I only managed to sample it up close and in-depth for the first time last week.

When it comes to new video formats, I play defensive, not least because I’ve spent the past eleven years building my DVD collection (and even then there are oddities I look out for on VHS because they’ve never been released on digital) but more because I had no desire to begin the path of upgrading for what I considered minor gains.

But after having spent the weekend experiencing Blu-ray at a friend’s house, I can honestly say I’m a convert.

Watching a Blu-ray on my friend’s HD TV is the closest I’ve been to having a cinema in the front room. The picture quality, the colours—for the first time in years my eyes were held to the screen by the content of the film as well as the quality of the picture.

Blu-ray is as close as you’ll get to dreaming while you’re awake. Watching old films remastered on the format is like experiencing them for the first time again and is an immensely satisfying experience.

Now, before you’ve go off thinking what’s a blog post on Blu-ray doing on a comic’s blog, allow me to explain.

Blu-ray is closest thing film companies have to making a beautiful object out of a movie, in the same way that graphic novels should be making beautiful objects out of individual comics.

A good example of Blu-ray for comics is the Amazing Spider-Man artist’s edition: an oversized black and white reproduction of the original artwork; the closest you’ll get to owning the actual artwork.

Sadly, the majority of graphic novels or collected editions of any comics work are just that: collections packaged to sell a run, rather than provide an experience in the form of bonus materiel, quality stock and binding

I firmly believe the tipping point will come when digital comics will become the norm, but that in order for companies to make this transition, they really need to get into the habit of treating graphic novels as that final word or ultimate reading experience.

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