A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Movie Review (2011)

Expecting Harold and Kumar to appeal to the lowest common denominator I was surprised to see the film was rated an 18.

Studios are only too happy to make cuts or edits to get a film down to a 15 or 12A to appeal to the widest possible audience. So when a comedy comes along that stands behind its 18 rating, my expectations are high.

While an 18 certificate doesn’t guarantee quality, it does indicate that the bar has been raised sufficiently to offend, one hopes, creatively and with a few laughs.

Harold & Kumar’s 3D Christmas hits both these nails on the head.

The film catches up with the protagonists in their 30s.

Their once tight friendship has been fractured by Harold getting married, sobering up for corporate life and trying to win the approval of his father-in-law, while Kumar continues to avoid responsibility by living a stoner’s lifestyles.

Circumstances conspire to bring the two pals together once again as they go in search of a replacement Christmas tree.

This is a mundane task that nevertheless sees the pals run up against the Russian mafia, shooting Santa Claus with a shotgun and interrupting a sexual assault as carried out by Neil Patrick Harris after performing in a musical.

Harold and Kumar succeeds where a lot of other stoner/buddy comedies fail – namely by having an A to B story and not overdoing the gags in a way that causes attention to itself.

The jokes are weird and gross, but watching the pair attempting to reconstruct their relationship throughout the madness is the film’s saving grace.

The use of 3D is done with a knowing wink towards the camera and its lack of subtlety makes it doubly enjoyable.

Great fun.

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