Advice to writers

Advice to writers

A question that keeps popping up at conventions is how I go about writing a comic book and what tips I have for aspiring writers.

While the above might smack of self-importance I thought I’d give a run down on my top tips.

Here goes:

10. Check out the following books: Come in Alone by Warren Ellis, Alan Moore’s Writing For Comics and Cerebus Guide To Self Publishing by Dave Sim.

9. Go to a comic book shop and look on the shelves. What can’t you find to read that would really please you? Find out what isn’t on the menu and start cooking it yourself.

8. Use what’s around you: if you take the bus or if you’re confined to a tower block, what situations could occur around you?

7. Read comics you like aloud—you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

6. When you write your story, remove all the good lines. Does it still work?

5. Make your story have a point.

4. The King died and a week later the Queen died. The King died and a week later the Queen died of a broken heart. See the difference?

3. What wouldn’t you do?

2. What’s at stake?

1. Finish what you start and then start the next story.

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