Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War – review

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War – review

Dan Martin at The Guardian does a good job of summing up the latest episode.

For the past few weeks Dr Who has been appointed viewing for me—I remember to put myself in front of a TV and watch (or catch up on iPlayer if I’ve been at a comics convention).

Moffat’s episodes during the RTD era were always highlights: from Silence in the library and Blink—these were Dr Who episodes at their very best.

What’s nagged me about the current series has been the constant focus on the overarching plot.

It’s had the effect on rendering singular episodes only important up until the last five minutes, which is when information has been revealed about the Doctor and the baby and River Song’s identity.

The emphasis on plot has become more important than the individual stories themselves.

Cosmetically, this version of the Doctor is the youngest one we’ve had, so perhaps there’s been a concerted effort for episodes to appeal more to youngsters.

For me, Moffat’s Sherlock has been more Dr Who than Dr Who. The wit, the pace as well as the balance between plot and story.

I hope that when the Dr Who series returns in the autumn that whatever overarching plot they plant takes a back seat to great stories in individual episodes.

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