Big things afoot

Big things afoot

Something that I can only refer to for the moment as Comic Project ‘X’ has landed on my doorstep.

It has a shape. Like looking out of an aeroplane window, I can see the contours of the country I have to traverse, but whether the land is made of mud or concrete is something I’ll discover when I take my first steps.

When you start your first comic project (or even if it’s the third) you have to work with a critical eye, conscious of what you’ve done before.

It’s very easy to develop a sort of golden rut – telling the same story again and again, or morbidly dwelling on one or two recurring themes.

It takes a bit of nerve to stray away from what you’re known for, or even praised for, in favour of doing something new.

But this is what will keep your work fresh in the long run. It will also keep your work contemporary—or at least so forward-looking it will fail to be appreciated in the time it’s published but revered in age where we all have flying cars.

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