Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday

Writing is an unnatural pursuit that frankly turns good men evil.

While most of the UK was out enjoying the splendid sunshine I was holed-up in an undisturbed apartment breaking the back of two scripts.

Come the end of the Bank Holiday there is a feeling of regret—regret that I didn’t make the most of the good weather. But that feeling is balanced out by having two completed scripts.

Sunshine is warm, it helps things grow and even the most concrete urban jungle looks beautiful in its light. Be sure to take a picture though–it will last longer.

Seven-thousand words is a finished script. It’s a clay that’s been spun on a wheel and shaped. It’s something useful. The world and his brother may have had a weekend they’ll never forget, but me, I’ve got a vase.

At the very least it’s something to throw at the people that had a good weekend.

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