Hidden Treasure: Baker Street: Honour Among Punks

Hidden Treasure: Baker Street: Honour Among Punks

Take the Sherlock Holmes universe and twist it so that it takes place in a parallel dimension where World War 2 never happened (and with it, any scientific advancements). Replace Holmes and Watson with a pair of ladies steeped deep in a prevalent punk culture solving crimes and you’re left with the brilliant Baker Street series by Guy Davis and Gary Reed.

I discovered the series by chance one Sunday afternoon in Hammersmith, in the dank back issue bins of a second-hand magazine-comic shop that was closing down. What struck me right away was the heavy black and white tones of the comic.

The line work is angular and almost jagged in places, and yet the decoration applied to the fashion, the city and the characters themselves is highly detailed and done with love. It’s this combination of the ugly and the beautiful that makes the book speak to you before you even read a word: you understand the theme.

As far as the writing goes, it’s perhaps one of the most emotionally adult depiction of human relations between two lovers. It charts the frailty of love, the ugliness of rejection and the consequences of how anyone, even with the keenest of eyes, can miss the obvious when it’s in front of them and they are truly in love.

Plus, it’s a cracking mystery as the Holmes of this world takes on Jack the Ripper.

Well worth checking out if you can find a copy.

Honour Among Punks

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