London Comic and Small Press Expo 2011 – round up

London Comic and Small Press Expo 2011 – round up

jp kamath at London Comic & Small Press Expo 2011

The show marked a return for me to the convention circuit after a few years and I’m glad I went.

There’s just a buzz about being in a room with like-minded creators who have also been up the night before getting all their materials ready.

Not that you’d know it from the looks on their faces. When the doors opened at 10am at Goldsmiths Univeristy, there was enough collective nervous energy in the room to get right to the business of selling.

But not a hard sell. The cool thing about the show was that it was large enough to accommodate a large breadth and range of work, while at the same time giving readers and passers-by time to talk to exhibitors.

What’s reassuring as a creator is to meet people that want to see diverse pieces of work. As pieces of work go, I was desk bound but I have to give a special mention to one piece of work I picked up.

Afterhours is a short black and white mini-comic by Laura N Tamara and it’s one of the best horror/romance stories I’ve read this year.

Drop by her website and ask her for a copy. She accomplishes more in 12 pages then some people do in 32.

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