Caged Review

DVD Review: Caged (dir. Yann Gozlan, 2010)

Caged [2010]

Caged is an odd mongrel.

It’s a horror film that switches between Wrong Turn, then becomes Hostel before finally sprinting for the end credits a la Texas Chainsaw.

Every time you think you have the movie pegged it becomes another film.

This isn’t normally a bad thing – if pulled off skilfully the technique can delight and keep the viewer guessing.

But with Caged the constant switching makes for a disjointed film.

The lack of coherency is made more noticeable by the fact that the central story lacks any substance.

Whilst on a humanitarian mission a team of three doctors are kidnapped and tortured by a group of criminals and have to find a way to escape their captors.

The lead female role has a fear of dogs from childhood, orignating when she couldn’t save her friend from an attack. At some point in the film she has to confront a pack of dogs to make good her (and a captive child she encounters, who incidentally represents a second chance at saving the friend she never did back when she was young) escape.

It’s almost like the film-makers have bolted on a story to a plot with neither working together to produce effective scares.

With characters and their relationships weakly fleshed out, it’s hard to stay interested, regardless of the film persona Caged adopts.

As the film keeps genre hopping, you get the sense that this is less due to a creative choice but more to extend the film to fill the 84 minutes run time.

Caged is available to order from Amazon UK from April 4

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