The Last Exorcism Review FrightFest 2010 – UK Premiere

The Last Exorcism Review FrightFest 2010 – UK Premiere

The Last Exorcism is pitched as a Blair Witch style documentary meets The Exorcist. The reality is that The Last Exorcism is more the US version of The Office meets The Exorcist, in a movie that never takes itself seriously enough to be scary.

The plot revolves around a preacher who fakes exorcisms and who is called to help a girl claiming to be possessed. A documentary film crew follows the preacher as he performs the exorcism on the girl and the aftermath that follows when the preacher realises he is out of his depth.

The cast of unknowns hold the film up well with solid performances. In particular, Patrick Fabian plays the preacher with a fake confidence that charms you for the first part of the film – filmed in a documentary style – very well.

The trouble is that half way through, the realism of the documentary style switches on occasion into a standard Hollywood movie, as does the plot. Again, what begins as a free-flowing and unpredictable documentary about the preacher suddenly morphs visually and story-wise into a bog standard Hollywood movie about a possessed girl.

Because you’re used to characters winking at you, the audience, and making self-referential comments as voiceovers as events unfold during the first half of the film, you cannot then shift into a third person perspective of the film to allow it to scare you sufficiently.

Add to that a contrite and hurried ending and you get the feeling that the film makers plain chickened out of maintaining the documentary style only because they thought people wouldn’t get.

A damn squib all in all.

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