FrightFest 2010 The Dead Movie Review

FrightFest 2010 The Dead Movie Review

Twenty minutes into The Dead’s opening zombie shootout sequence and you begin to wonder how this UK made zombie flick set in Africa is any different to other zombie flicks that have come before it.

Forty minutes into The Dead and you begin to wonder if there’s a compelling story lurking around the corner rather than another zombie.

Unlike George Romero’s flicks, there is no social commentary here, no subtext and certainly no original zombie effects.

The plot is quite literally a guy running across Africa shooting zombies. He walks a bit, shoots some zombies, then lathers, rinses and repeats the motions. When the action lags the directors resort to a POV shot of the character looking up and seeing slow moving zombies ambling towards him.  The actors have clearly been given little direction to help with their performances and the dialogue consists of characters narrating what’s going on in front of your eyes.

Take this scene:

A moving car begins to choke and spit until finally grunting and coming to a stop. The lead character turns to the guy in the passenger seat, who also has a full view of the dashboard, and says:

“We’ve run out of gas.”

Later on, when one of the characters approaches a refuge centre he says to the guy in charge as part of introducing himself:

“I’m trying to find my son.”

Less than 10 minutes later, the same characters are sat around a fire when the guy in charge asks the newcomer:

“Do you have a family?”

These are just a few of the many inconsistencies in a film with no story or sense of direction.

The directors made a big thing about the film being shot in a part of Africa that had never been shot in a feature film before. But as the excellent Buried movie showed, you can make an excellent film about a guy trapped in a box as long as you have the wits to do it right.

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