FrightFest 2010 Short Film Showcase Review

FrightFest 2010 Short Film Showcase Review

One of the things I look forward to the most at the FrightFest is the short film showcase.

It’s the one place you’re guaranteed to find filmmakers of nerve, creativity and resourcefulness despite the merits of the end film they produce.

Short films are produced because people have an idea and the will to see it on screen. It is the essence of cinema and gusto is what we need more of in the UK film industry. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to be a filmmaker; be a filmmaker.

Anyway, in the spirit of short films, I’ve decided to keep my reviews equally curt. Here’s the rundown:

RISE OF THE APPLICANCES, UK – Household electrical goods go on the rampage in a suburban house. Easily the best short of the showcase. I WANT to see this film as a feature. Delivered with wit, pitch perfect performances and special effects that make you believe what’s happening.

LA MADRE, Spain – A farcical five minutes of a mother’s worst nightmare coming true at once for all her three kids. Played seriously, but should have been played for laughs.

NELLY AND LO (aka Thelma and Louise), Canada – Thelma and Louise meets Cheech and Chong. Also, a moose battles a serial killer. Weird with a few goofball laughs.

HOW I SURVIVED A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, USA – Sarah and John Conner style daughter and son take on zombies. Unremarkable.

BON APETIT, UK – The bizarre consumption of dubious culinary delights. Nonsense.

SWITCH, UK – Female Rocky vs Serial Killer Yuppie in Snow. Nonsense.

PAPA WRESTLING, PORTUGAL – Dad is called in to deliver justice for his son after the infant’s lunchbox is stolen by bullies. A gem of a short delivered with laugh out loud gore.

TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER UK/TURKEY – Psycho-sexual tentacle horror as mother and father engage in a bit of baby making, unaware they are being watched. Disturbing and truly weird.

THROUGH THE NIGHT, UK – A couple have trouble sleeping, but what’s keeping them awake? Beautifully shot with eerie tension that builds to a John Landis Twilight Zone conclusion.

RED BALOON, UK – An old urban legend given an airing. Production values match the remake of When a Stranger Calls.

CHOREOMANIA, UK – Thriller meets Train Spotting via Night of the Living Dead. Made me chuckle.

2.22, USA – Unremarkable.

THE END, UK – One cool dream sequence that raised laughs. Unremarkable, otherwise.

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