FrightFest 2010 Day 5 Blog

FrightFest 2010 Day 5 Blog

After four days of back-to-back horror movies, late nights and Pret sandwiches, I’ve final made it to Day 5 – the final day of FrightFest 2010.

The line up today is an international mix of horror, which is more in keeping with previous FrightFests I’ve attended. Here’s a breakdown:

VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE, UK – Really looking forward to this one.  What was meant to be a nostalgic look at the moral panic caused by horror films in the 80s takes on a new meaning in the light of A Serbian Film being pulled from the festival.

THE DEAD, UK – Pitched by the programme guide as Saving Private Ryan and with a poster that implies zombies in the mix too, I’m keen to see if this film takes the zombie genre to anywhere new.

BEDEVILLED, SOUTH KOREA – Reading between the lines of the programme guide, Bedevilled does sound like a cross between I Spit on Your Grave and Bewitched as a downtrodden women takes revenge against a community that treats her like a witch – (okay, so the Bewitched part is a little bit contentious, but work with me here, it’s 9am and I haven’t slept in days)

RED, WHITE AND BLUE – USA – This looks like a Leaving Las Vegas style film, though where the horror comes in I don’t know.

THE LAST EXORCISIM – USA – The Exorcist meets Blair Witch. One that I dare say the whole festival is looking forward to.

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