FrightFest 2010 La Meute (aka: The Pack) Movie Review

FrightFest 2010 La Meute (aka: The Pack) Movie Review

Crowds are thinning out here at the start of Day 4 of FrightFest 2010.

From here on in it’s a matter of stamina and hoping that the remainder of the films are compelling enough to warrant going the distance until the final day on Monday.

First up today was La Meute (aka The Pack) which was pitched as a biker revenge road chase movie.

While it’s certainly true that there are bikers who do cause havoc, La Meute is actually several different horror films rolled into one.

The beginning is set up to make you think you’re watching The Vanishing as a girl travelling alone picks up a male hitchhiker for company, but who disappears when he visits the toilet.

I won’t spoil the twists (and believe me, there are several in this film) but the film then becomes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then twists again to become Night of The Living Dead.

The film has an appeal by keeping you guessing as it journeys between different genres of horror. However, its appeal is also its main flaw.

La Meute’s plot jumps around so often that as a viewer you’re never really allowed to invest yourself in it fully.

You’re set up for one type of film but paid off in another with no throughline connecting events to make it fully satisfying.

Films like Psycho and From Dusk Til’ Dawn have successfully managed to pull the old switcheroo ‘you thinking you’re watching a film about x but actually it’s a film about y’.

They’ve done this by having a clear direction on what’s important as they switch. In Psycho, the viewer is subtly tricked into rooting for Norman Bates and hoping that he won’t be discovered in the second part, and in From Dusk Till’ Dawn you have the relationship between the brothers.

Viewed at 2am on Channel 4, La Meute would be entertaining fare. It keeps you guessing and pulls a few surprises to keep your attention. But overall the plot is disjointed and the overall effect of a truly scary film is watered down by confusion and the lack of a clear direction or theme.

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