FrightFest 2010 Damned by Dawn Movie Review

FrightFest 2010 Damned by Dawn Movie Review

Imagine if Tesco made an own-brand version of The Evil Dead – a sort of discount version of the Evil Dead that was devoid of any original style, wit or inventiveness and you’d probably come up with Damned by Dawn.

Damned by Dawn is a competently made spooky film that is clearly influenced by The Evil Dead but there is nothing distinctive or creative about it.

A banshee terrorises a family in a country house with her army of skeletons. The family are whittled down until the last survivor is left to do battle with evil villainess.

My suspension of disbelief in the film went out the window the minute the dodgy CGI skeleton army appeared. In one scene where the heroine speeds off in a car, we’re meant to believe that the skeleton army can penetrate the world of the living from the afterlife, but turn to slush upon impact with the windscreen of a Ford Escort.

The crowd at FrightFest were really psyched for Damned by Dawn – we really needed something to lift us up with laughs and decent zany scares.

A shame.

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