FrightFest 2010 The Tortured Movie Review

FrightFest 2010 The Tortured Movie Review

The Tortured is an aptly named film, as it not only describes it the bulk of what goes on, but coincidentally, the audience’s experience as they sit through 90 mins of tripe.

The film begins strongly enough as parents try to come to grips with their son’s abduction.

The subsequent capture of the perpetrator within the first 20 mins and fallout from what has happened to their son makes you wonder how things get any more disturbing for the couple.

However, when the couple decide that the sentence handed down to the perpetrator doesn’t fit the crime, they take matters into their own hands by springing him free with the intention of capturing and torturing him.

A solid beginning then gives way to absurdity and ill-fitting torture porn. Observe the following lines as they commence the first of many punishments:

Person A: “I don’t think I can go through with this.”

And then later as the father is about to commence his next obscene act against the prisoner:

Person A: “Think of the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. It’s going to be much worse than that.”

This is AFTER they have gone through an A-Team style operation of freeing the prisoner. As with most films nowadays, there is a twist, but you can see it a mile off from when the capture the prisoner.

This film could have been a lot better. The nugget of the idea in The Tortured, how seemingly normal people can be driven to outrageous acts in the face of provoking circumstances, is a good one and could have made a very good film.

Unfortunately, the intention here is to just feed SAW-style gore, repackaged under a different name to draw attention away from the fact that the SAW franchise is already up to SAW 138.

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