FrightFest 2010 13 HRS Movie Review

FrightFest 2010 13 HRS Movie Review

Three pm on sunny Saturday bank holiday weekend in London and there’s no place I’d rather be than in a darkened cinema watching a bunch of horror flicks for the whole day.

Next up is the low-budget Brit-flick 13 HRS.

With the exception of the fantastic movie ‘F’ screened yesterday, Brit horror flicks have a dubious reputation in quality when it comes to the FrightFest.

But hey, if it’s British, I’m duty bound to give it a more than fair hearing. Unfortunately, 30 mins into meaningless exposition, my attention wanes and doesn’t ever recover.

In 13 HRS, a bunch of teens converge in a country house and are attacked by a werewolf. On  paper this looks like a passable evening’s entertainment, except that being low-budget and promising werewolves is always going to turn out bad.

Doing a werewolf flick on low budget is asking from trouble.

Anyone will tell you that the sight of the werewolf or a kick ass transformation scene is a necessary abiding pleasure warranted in these flicks.

There are ways around it though – using Wolfen style POV shots of the creature if done correctly can be stylish and just as scary and save on the dollars. But simply sticking a red gel on the front of camera man and asking him to run around aimlessly is not.

13 HRS lacks any tension, there are no scares and the plot gives way to people screaming in an attic about their fractured family relationships the viewer cares little about.

When the action lags, the script calls for each of the characters to venture downstairs in action scenes that are meant to sustain interest, but which fail.

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