Tobe Hooper’s Eggshells FrightFest 2010 Day 2

Tobe Hooper’s Eggshells FrightFest Day 2

After brushing out the sleet from my eyes this morning after a 1.15am finish for Day 1 of FrightFest 2010, I’m feeling pretty rough.

However, I’m not THAT rough that I can’t discern when a film programme is giving me a warning that a film might be shit.

Director Tobe Hooper’s debut feature Eggshells is pegged for a 11am start on Day 2 of FrightFest 2010.

The film was thought lost and would ordinarily be a must-see for horror aficionados like myself.

However, the programme guide is clearly shouting loud that this film, although directed by the guy that made Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is crap when it says:

“…in the basement is a crypto-embryonic hyper-electric presence …”

And when it says:

“…a must see hippy trippy head space fantasy time capsule…”    

It’s touted that you can see early influences towards The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the flick, although given that FrightFest is in fact show Texas at 1:00pm today, it does rending wading through 90n mins of EggShells somewhat redundant.

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