Hatchet 2 Review – FrightFest Film Festival Day 1

Hatchet 2 Review – FrightFest Film Festival Day 1

The first Hatchet marked director Adam Green’s intention to do horror in an old-school style, harking back to the days of Friday 13th, et al.

Green even went as far as to secure horror icons Robert Englund and Tony Todd in cameo roles, with Friday the 13th’s Kane Hodder as the main villain of his flick.

If the first outing got one thing right, it was the inclusion of zany over the top death scenes, which filled the screen with red.

Crowds at the FrightFest whooped and cheered as they were treated to scene after scene of imaginative executions. The plot was paper thin, but filled with laughs, and viewed with a FrightFest crowd, it left you feeling satisfied.

So, how does the world premiere of Hatchet 2 fair?

Well, Hatchet 2 picks up where the first Hatchet ends off, with the sole survivor leading a manhunt back into the swamp for revenge against Victor Crowley.

The trouble is, is that the film takes a heck of a long time getting to the swamp scenes themselves, which is where most of the delight in the film occurs.

We’re treated to exposition we neither care about and relationships that are half-fleshed out. And the ending is tied up too neatly and quickly that you wonder why you went through the trouble.

What made the first Hatchet fun was that the characters were cartoons, driven by the sole need to get laid, when disaster strikes and their boat takes a wrong turn and they are picked off one by one.

Once the kill scenes come in Hatchet 2 however, you’re treated to some real fun. Green shifts into gear with genuinely new and novel ways to off manhunt party and there was much cheering from the crowds in the Empire Cinema.

These scenes, however, probably last no more than 30 of the 90 minutes of the film’s running time and this is probably its biggest flaw.

As a film, Hatchet 2 is an exciting second act searching for a good first and third act. Shame really.

Green says there are plans for a Hatchet 3 though there was some question over if he would actually helm the project himself.

Let’s hope he can find a strong enough reason to do a Hatchet 3 and take the time to do it well. He’s clearly a FrightFest fixture favourite and with films like Spiral he’s proven he’s versatile enough to turn out something truly original.

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