Film 4 FrightFest Day 1 Start Update

Film 4 FrightFest Day 1 Start Update

Travellers seeking refuge from bad weather is a well-worn intro to some popular horror films.

In the spirit of emulating this scenario the London weather aided FrightFesters who were out in force for the start of Day 1.

Walking up the red carpet of the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square and into the foyer made me feel a bit like royalty.

The sensation was enforced when, on reaching the top, I saw horror icons Kane Hodder (who plays Jason in the Friday 13th films) and Tony Todd (who lays claim to fame as the infamous Candyman).

The prospect of being sandwiched between the Candyman and Jason proved too scary an opportunity so instead I managed to snag a pic with Tony solo.

They were both in London to herald the launch of Adam Green’s latest outing in the Hatchet series, creatively titled, Hatchet 2 (review coming shortly).

Crowds were ushered through the doors of Screen 1. The slow shuffling of weekend pass holders did make me feel like I was an extra in a zombie flick but that’s all part of the mood.

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