Dead Cert Review FrightFest Film Festival Day 1

Dead Cert Review FrightFest Film Festival Day 1

The last film here on day one of the FrightFest Film Festival is the UK gangster-vampire flick Dead Cert.

It can be summarised thusly:

“Lock Stock and Two Smoking Draculas”

“The Long Good Friday that lasted from Dusk ‘til Dawn”

“Interview with an EastEnd Vampire”

“Van Helsing Number 1”

Needless to say the above mash-up titles should inspire the requisite amount of fear in you, but not in a good way.

The negative points aside, the film is beautifully shot. Given that the film takes place in about three main locations the DoP and art director have pulled out all the stops to give the illusion of a much larger more intricate space in which the (non) events unfold.

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