Film 4 London Frightfest Film Festival 2010 – 38 days to go

I’m attending this year’s Film 4 Frightfest Film Festival in London after a two-year absence.

If you’re a horror writer it’s important to stay up to date with what’s being done in the genre -if only to avoid using ideas that have already been done. A tense work schedule prevented me attending before, but I’m making the time this August.

The FrightFest always provides a good selection of films. They première the big Hollywood stuff alongside the independent and edgier films from all over the world.

What’s great is making a discovery: wading through some of the inevitable tripe to find that one film that will blow you away. I’ve made several superb finds through the Frightfest, some of which, like ‘The Orphanage’ and ‘Jeepers Creepers’ have taken pride of place in my DVD collection and have gone on to enjoy mainstream success.

Then there are the other lesser known ones, which, while excellent, have failed to make the impact they deserved. Films like “Teeth,” “The Neighbour No. 13,” and my guilty pleasure, “Monster Man,” would have forever been under my radar had they not been on the bill at FrightFest.

Attending the Frightfest is a gruelling experience, with several back to back screenings a day, testing the limit of your capacity to consume Red Bull. But in a very geeky way that only horror fans will appreciate, your world is made that bit richer by discovering a truly great and imaginative scary move.

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