London Horror Comic on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer

London Horror Comic over at BBC Radio 4 Interviewed on Horror Comics

We kick in at about 24 min 30 secs

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Corrupt comics – London Horror Comic on BBC Radio 4

From the BBC website:

“These comics, so the theory went, were corrupting the imaginations of children and inflaming them with fear of the unknown.”

The Gorbals Vampire will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 2300 GMT on Tuesday 30 March, and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

London Horror Comic
is interviewed as part of the radio show, so listen out if you can.

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Airport Limbo

Anything becomes food when you’re waiting for your flight.

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BBC Radio 4 Interview

I finished an interview about horror comics for BBC Radio 4 which goes out 23:00 on March 30.

I thought about doing my best Mark Kermode impression for the recording, but then realised to I would have had to slam horror comics for not being as good as The Exorcist film if I wanted to pull the impression off.

The interview was fun.

I got a chance to talk about the appeal of horror comics, the change in styles over the years and the danger of horror comics falling into the hands of kids.

One of the things I had to point out was that, by and large, kids don’t really have access to the range of comics they did back in the fifties.

Super hero reprint titles and the Cartoon Network-style range of comics make up all that kids are likely to find in the local newsagents or WHSmith.

Any material a few degrees left of ‘capes and cowls’ is likely to be held in a local comic shop, which requires the walking cash machine that is a parent, who will no doubt inspect any purchase before buying.

If you’re after horror comics, you have to seek them out; they don’t jump out at you from shelves. You also have to be well-informed about what’s available and suitably cashed up to the point where you don’t ask for pocket money.

The arguement that horror comics warp fragile little minds is weakend by kids having a lack of direct access to much wider material in comics form.

This is weird when you consider that some of the best selling kids novels are horror stories – wizards and werewolves.

Food for thought.

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Welcome SFX Readers!

Hello to SFX readers who may be visiting the site for the first time and who caught our full-page colour ad in issue #194 on sale this month (it’s the one with the Dr.Who cover that follows you around the room or something).

Anywhoo. London Horror Comic is a 32 page, print, full colour horror comic. It also happens to be, coincidentally, British. It’s written, published and rocked to sleep each night by me, JP Kamath.

Since the SFX ad cost me my left kidney, the least you can do is wander over and buy issues #1 #2 and #3 of the London Horror Comic using PayPal from our online store. You can buy issues #1, #2 and #3 at a special price of £8 total or buy individual issues separately for £3.50. All prices include p+p and comics come bagged and boarded.

What’s that? No! You want to see a preview of all three issues of the London Horror Comic before you part with your hard earned cash? Well, mosey on over to our preview page where we have selection of choice cuts from each issue to help massage the cash out of your wallet.

What’s that? Still don’t take our word for it? Yeesh. Head on over to the reviews page then. More than enough people have said nice things about the comics including Garth Ennis and comedian Stewart Lee, so rest assured, you’re in good company if you do buy the London Horror Comic.

Anything else? Oh yeah, you can listen to me at 23.00 on the 30th March on BBC Radio 4 where I will be talking about the London Horror Comic.

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