The die has been cast

I have just signed the print order for issue 3. It’s the final issue and I’ve decided to order 500 copies, which should be enough to cover online sales.

Signing the print order for the final issue was bittersweet. I’m glad that, despite not being listed in Previews anymore, I will get to see and hold the third issue. Life’s delays aren’t life’s denials, I guess.

I’m sad that there won’t be any more issues though. The series was intended as a four issue run and I would have preferred it if the final issue was number four.

Looking back on things, I’ve got to be grateful for; I got my own book out there and onto shelves. With my hand on heart I worked like a donkey to push the book, without fear of failure, or lust of success.

But purely to put something NEW on shelves. Something that people hadn’t seen before. In part, I believe I was successful and, emotional musings aside, if everything goes according to plan issue 3 should be available to order within the next month.

More to come.

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