Interview at Sequential Tart – Why did I start all of this?

You can hear me wax lyrical about the London Horror Comic over at Sequential Tart in my interview with Leesa Hanagan.

The strange thing about producing your own comic is that, when you get around to finally putting the books on shelves, you tend to forget a lot of the reasons that spurred you on to begin with. Why did you choose to write a horror comic? How’s it different?

Answers to questions like these are on the tip of your tongue when you begin, all you have in the beginning is a vision and so the answers are readily available, but it can become difficult to answer when you’ve spent the last three months involved with the logistics of marketing and delivery – an altogether different space that requires a different mindset to writing comics. This might help explain the amnesia, just as a marathon runner who crosses the finish line after months of training and miles of running may ask: how did I end up all the way here?

So, doing the interview with Leesa was helpful because it helped me to take stock and recall the reasons why I started out. When you’re halfway up a mountain, looking down can be scary, but it just might spur you on to the top.

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