The UK Web & Mini Comix thing 2008

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a capital “t” in thing or not. It looks correct with a small t.

Anyway, get yourself down to the show in London this week.

While it’s possible to find some excellent mainstream comic work – Jason Aaron’s Scalped and Jamie Delano’s Narcopolis spring to mind – there’s nothing like walking into the proverbial hall of possibilities and promise that is the indie scene.

The list of exhibitors looks different from 2007 with some new arrivals. I’m looking forward to picking up Cath Artic Comics’ latest book Waterloo Teeth. “New” and “different” mean more to me in my comics.

Up for release this weekend is the excellent The Orphanage – a proper ghost story with a message that also delivers the scares. How long has it been since we had one of those on the big screen?

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