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“Hugely impressive self-published book, putting a lie to the assumption that self-published = amateur.”

Craig Johnson reviews the London Horror Comic over at the

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Review of The London Horror Comic from Fatally-Yours:

“The London Horror Comic approaches the horror genre from every angle, ranging from dark comedy to social commentary, clever jabs at the medium and the industry, and some downright chilling and disturbing work.”

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The spirit of 1991

I found the following editorial in the first issue of Shockwave, which was published way back in 1991. Have a read.


Its message is: when the mainstream comic market is in decline, you know the time is right to write a different type of comic, or at least try.

For those that don’t know, Shockwave was an English magazine that reprinted Vertigo stories and was sold in newsagents/news stands.

London Editions Magazines (LEM), who published UK reprints of Superman and Batman stories, was behind it.

Seventeen years on, and it is a shame that I can’t pick-up an adult aimed comic collection from the local newsagents.

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