London Horror Comic Review in SFX Magazine

London Horror Comic Review in SFX Magazine

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The London Horror Comic gets four out of five stars in this month’s issue of Sfx magazine (#165 in stores now).

Charlie Hodge describes one story as laugh out loud funny and like a horror Curb Your Enthusiasm – which had me punching the air on the platform as I read the review on the way to work.

This places it on equal footing with Garth Ennis’ Dan Dare (4 stars also) and slightly ahead of DC’s The Un-Men (3 and a half).

The fact that this little self published book of mine can stand with the big guns makes me feel like a parent at a school sports day, watching his child keep pace with Linford Christie.

There’s also an excellent piece about Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s upcoming work on the Fantastic Four, an interview with the superb Simon Spurrier and Warren Ellis’ entertaining take on the new Dan Dare. Go buy.

Roll on 2008 and issue 2!

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