Glengerry Glen Ross @ Apollo, London – review

David Mamet’s script is biting and hooks you just as well on stage as it does in the screen version – good dialogue travels.

My only problem was that the film with Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon was so well acted, it throws down a difficult gauntlet for this version – or any stage version – to live up to.

Jonathan Pryce is convincing as Levene but doesn’t, IMHO, handle the change in moods from desperation to smugness and desperation again, as gracefully as Lemon did. The change in what Levene wants and how he goes about getting it appears a little rushed.

Aiden Gillen who plays Ricky Roma (Pacino in the film) explodes on stage with a performance that is pure fun to watch. It’s a role that’s played loud here, rather than with Pacino’s subtlety, and the play works the better for it.

The omission of the film scene where Alec Baldwin explains that the salesmen have until tonight to close deals or face the boot might leave some a bit bewildered about the plot. But as long as you remember they’re salesmen and they hustle for a living, that’s all you need to know.

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