One word, Benjamin: webcomics.

You don’t want to hear that the smart money is now on web comics when you’re launching the first print edition of your own title.

The stars must be in alignment or something, because the situation is beginning to look like the print medium’s days are numbered. Marvel readers will soon be able to purchase 2,500 digital versions of its comics. Amazon’s Kindle has sold out and you can already download first issues of Vertigo titles.

Skynet will probably become self-aware any day now too, marking the end of the human race as well as print.

From my own experience in creating web-comics, online readers just want to come in, consume content and move on. You might bookmark or forward something on if you really like it, but when it comes to content, the web is an all you can eat buffet and users are always hungry.

Something that would be useful would be if print publishers began hosting independent web comics on their sites and used the amount of traffic each one received as a business case for releasing digital comics as print titles.

Using the web to show publishers there is demand for new types of work – not just superheroes – and that an audience is willing to pay for it could be a major boon to the industry and increase the range of works we’re able to read.

The pessimistic side of me, however, says that digitisation on archive copies of the Micronauts has already begun.

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