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Writer: John-Paul Kamath, Artists: Drew Moss & Dean Kotz,
Letterer: Matty Ryan, Colour: Hi-Fi, Covers: Matt Dixon (f) Simon Myers (b)

--52 full-colour pages with no ads
--Printed on glossy high-quality heavy paper stock
--Each issue has a self-contained and complete stories
--Adults only

Issue 7 of London Horror Comic features two complete stories that examine the effects of loneliness and isolation on two fragile souls and the horrors that it drives them to.

Issue 7 Preview

The proof of the pudding is in the nibbling, so have a gnaw on the first three pages and see if it takes your fancy.

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London Horror Comic 7



The London Horror Comic has been going since 2006. Some people have said nice things about the book.

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London Horror Comic 7


London Horror Comic 7


"What a beauty of a comic it is."
Bleeding Cool

"London Horror Comic remains one of the strongest, most interesting anthologies on the market."
Travelling Man

"Great stories backed by plush production standards making this a standout comic amongst the independents. 9/10 Stars"
Starburst Magazine

"You may want to wash out your eyes after seeing a couple of the panels. Score: 4/5"

"The ability the LHC team have to evoke extreme emotions in the reader in just a few pages must be respectfully applauded."
Liberation Frequency

London Horror Comic 4 voted Best Horror Anthology Horror Comic 2012 Awards

"The stories are varied and range from humorous to terrifying. The artwork is solid and never disappoints. The quality of the book itself is top notch."
Horror Talk

"'Who Knows?' was definitely the most thought-provoking piece, showing considerable depth in only a few pages.
Patti Martison -

"Walking the line of the realm of wrong, but always entertaining…this anthology is highly recommended"
Ain't it Cool News

An anthology that is both nostalgic and relevant, hearkening back to the traditions of decades of horror comics past but never losing sight of the very contemporary terrors of present day”

"For eight pages you get a great, classic horror story with an ending plot twist worthy of a Stephen King novel."

"The art and production is crisp and well honed, while the writing is varied and consistently offers its readers something new and even more daring than the last issue each and every time."

"With a variety of tales and themes from comedic to nightmare haunting, pencils, as well as inking and colouring that supports an incredibly written piece, you will not be disappointed."
Snikt! Horror Blog

State Of Independent: London Horror Comic #6

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Liberation Frequency Interview at LFCC 2011

London Horror Comic Interview on g3 podcast

Interview with me at MCM Expo 2011. I chime in at the 6.24 mark. (mp3)

London Horror Comic was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 as part of the The Gorbals Vampire documentary. London Horror Comic comes in at about 24:30 mark.

BBC Radio 4 Interview with London Horror Comic (mp3)